Historic Moment for Ghana Bauxite Company Limited

In a moment that will be etched in the annals of mining and maritime history in Ghana, the bauxite industry reaches a significant milestone.

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Direct Employment
Million tonnes of total ore mined since 1997
Million tonnes of bauxite mined in 2021
Injury at mine and transportation of bauxite to the Port
Who We Are
Bauxite was first discovered in Awaso , in the Western North Region of Ghana – West Africa in 1921. by the then Gold Coast Geological Survey. The bauxite mine has been in operation since the 1940s and produces premium trihydrate bauxite with typical alumina (Al2O3) content of 52% and low silica of 1.5%. The mine remains Ghana’s first and only operating bauxite mine in Ghana and exports approximately 1.2 million tonnes of high – grade (typical Al2O3-52%) trihydrate bauxite from Takoradi Port.
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Message From the Executive Chairman

The effects of the Ukraine – Russia crisis has had considerable impacts on trade and livelihoods. The effects on trade is evident as industry experts have sought to navigate through disrupted supply chains and surge in operational costs. Through it all, we have remained steadfast in delivering our mandate to clients across the globe.

Indeed, now, more than ever, we have received high demands for Ghana Bauxite Company’s (GBC) high grade (typical Al2O3 – 52%) trihydrate bauxite. Due to these high demands and our focus on continuos investment in resource exploration and development, and the adoption of globally acceptable safe and sustainable mining practices has made GBC a company of choice.

In the last year GBC has invested in various capital expenditure projects and has commenced the expansion of the mine and retooling of existing plant and machinery. With the implementation of this activity, it is expected that annual production should increase from 1.2 million metric tonnes to 5 million metric tonnes.

The Company’s potential to operate profitably and contribute to Ghana’s export drive is significant. The current management which assumed office in the last quarter of 2021, has made significant strides to ensure its production capacity increases and improves the efficiency of its operations.


If mining activities are not managed correctly, they have the potential to cause serious environmental impacts.


The most valuable asset of GBC are our People. The well being and safety of our staff, neighbors and communities

Health and Safety

Of paramount importance to the Company are its Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policies.


GBC, in recognition of the need to enhance peaceful co-existence with her catchment communities, has established
Our Culture & Values
Our Vision and Mission depicts GBC’s desire to make a lasting impact on the world, our soceity in which we operate, as well as our shareholders and our people
The most valuable asset of GBC are our People.

"To create a World-Class Business enterprise that meets the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders."

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